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This minivan wouldn't be completely without passengers and a lot of stories. These people are bloggers, photographers and travel lovers, packing everyday this minivan with extraordinary stories. Meet the passengers behind the stories.



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Passenger - @malinakodakphotography

Passenger - @malinakodakphotography

Passenger Malina Weitkemper

Meet Passenger Malina Weitkemper, was born in Germany but moved to California when she was six years old. Moving at such a young age has inspired her to love to travel and explore the world. Being able to travel  has started her passion for photography. She has traveled most of Europe lots of places in the United States,Dominican Republic, Africa and Cuba. Not only does she have a love for traveling but she loves to be outdoors. 

"Travel to me means the freedom to explore yourself and thoughts while being submersed in a new environment. My passion of capturing moments with a lens helps me absorb the atmosphere of every place I go. All experiences that I take away from my travels I incorporate into my own life."

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Passenger - @legalbackpacker

And here we have once again Passenger Tariq El Tayara, barrister from London, England. This is Tariq's third memory with Minivan of Memories and we couldn't be happier to have him once again. Tariq is an awesome backpacker and he's launching his first backpack guide to the incredible Maldives. He's is offering to all Minivan of Memories' users an exclusive 20% discount. Just access his website Quit Pack Go’s Backpacker’s Shop use the code at the checkout: EARLYBIRD10

"Travel to me means freedom. It means a life without regrets, reading more than just a single page. I left my job in the UK, packed my gym gloves and and left everything behind to go and explore the world. "

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Passenger Nate Hake - @travellemming

Passenger Nate Hake - @travellemming

passenger - nate hake

Meet passenger Nate Hake, an American who has been to over 60 countries. Nate currently travels the world solo full time, writing about emerging destinations on his blog Travel Lemming. He loves to do things that are a little off the beaten path, like backpacking Myanmar or hiking Kyrgyzstan

"For me, the best thing about travel is seeing the world through the eyes of people are different from me. I truly believe that for all our differences, humanity is inherently similar - and inherently good," says Nate. "I love when travel helps bring people together."

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passenger - stephen and gabi

Meet Passenger Stephan and Gabi, husband and wife along with their German Shepherd pup, they're known online as 8 paws 1 tail. This family sold everything they own left the Los Angeles city life to travel the U.S. in an RV pursuing their passion for the great outdoors and to get away from the constantly stress of the city.  

"You don’t need a lot of stuff to be happy, our motto is adventure is life. Selling our 3,000 sq ft home to downside into a 300 sq ft home on wheels has brought us so much more fulfillment and more freedom. Traveling and seeing the world is great adventure that we’ll never forget. "

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Passenger - Stephen and Gabi @8paws1tail

Passenger - Stephen and Gabi @8paws1tail

Passenger Emma June - @navigatingwanderland

Passenger Emma June - @navigatingwanderland

passenger - emma June

Meet Passenger Emma, avid traveler, adventurer seeker and very creative mind. She's from Australia and her wanderlust has taken her to 30 countries so far – and there is still so much more to see! Emma loves photography and basically anything crafty. She shares her travels experiences through her Instagram account and WordPress blog. She writes about travel, tourism, lifestyle, delicious food and basically everything lovely.

" Every time I return home is with the humbling understanding that I'm only a tiny thing in the big wide world and this world isn't actually as big as we think."

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Passenger - adriana karuza

Meet Passenger Adriana Karuza. She runs a travel website, with her husband Vedran, called Their passion to travel the world is connect to the will to show their beautiful daughter how incredible the world is. 

"For us, to travel is to live. It`s a chance to see a different cultures, a chance to try a different food, a chance to enjoy in life in some special way. It changes something in our minds, it changes us. Unfortunately, we can`t travel as much as we want to, but hey, there are always memories that we are making at our journeys, to keep us warm until our next flight to somewhere."

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Passenger - adriana karuza @kruzovi

Passenger - adriana karuza @kruzovi

Passenger Patrick Muntzinger - @german_backpacker

Passenger Patrick Muntzinger - @german_backpacker

passenger - patrick muntzinger 

Meet Passenger Patrick Muntzinger. He's a student from Germany, doing master studies in business. Patrick is always trying to travel as much as possible during semester breaks. He has traveled more than 40 countries in the last few years and he's sharing his travel photography on his Instagram page ( @german_backpacker).

"Traveling means exploring and discovering the diversity and beauty of the world. By taking a look in the newspaper, it’s easy to get the impression that the world would be a dangerous and bad place. Traveling showed me that people all over the globe are in 99% of the cases kind, friendly, and much more similar to each other than we would think. That’s why I encourage everyone to leave their comfort zone behind and discover this world out there!"

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passenger - leroy reed

Meet Passenger LeRoy Kalā Reed. From O'ahu, Hawaii, LeRoy love all kinds of sports, to be active and to travel. Together with his wife they I have been to 7 countries and are hungry for more! 

"A tip we have constantly received as newlyweds from friends and family is to travel now before the kids come. To that, we are living up to their expectations. I appreciate the beauty of the Earth and all that inhabit it. Live life to the fullest and enjoy everything that you set out to do!"

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Passenger - LeRoy Kala Reed @worldwidereeds

Passenger - LeRoy Kala Reed @worldwidereeds

Passenger - Di Michelle, @slight_north

Passenger - Di Michelle, @slight_north

passenger - di michelle

Meet Di Michelle, digital marketer and world traveler. Di spent two years teaching in the Middle East before I started her own business which allows her to work remotely and travel indefinitely. She created her blog to celebrate the nomad lifestyle, and to show the good (and the bad) of living out of a suitcase while I travelling. 

"To me, travel means the freedom to explore the world, open my mind, and live life to it's fullest. "

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passenger - raquel torres

Meet Passenger Raquel Torres, marketing student and young entrepreneur from Costa Rica. in 2017, Raquel starting blogging on her own website Un Viaje A La Vez, sharing her experiences about the many differnt cities she has visited around the world. If you're looking for tips and trip recommendations Un Viaje A La Vez could be all you need.

"I hope to encourage people, so they dare to take the passport, the suitcase and travel the world."

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Passenger Raquel Torres - @unviaje.alavez

Passenger Raquel Torres - @unviaje.alavez

Passenger - Daan and Karl - Couple of Men

Passenger - Daan and Karl - Couple of Men

Passenger - daan and karl

Meet Passengers Couple of Men, Daan and Karl. Together, they have visited more than 50 countries in over 5 continents. Traveling the world allow them to discover natural wonders, cultural highlights, and traditional cuisine. As openly gay travelers they believe it's important to support the gay community, focusing on gay rights, equality, and judgmental free minds. The gay couple travel bloggers Karl and Daan invite you to to travel the world like they do: open minded, respectful and with a happy heart.

"We think it is important to support the gay community worldwide. Our profession is to collect authentic and gay-friendly proofed travel info which we then love to share through written, visual and social media content."

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passenger - nathalie richard

Meet Passenger Nathalie Richard, also known as @ray_of_nath. In 2015, Nathalie decided to listen to her inner voice, loudly shouting that it was the right time to realize her dreams to leave Canada to go live abroad. She then moved to Bali (Indonesia), which became the center of her new nomadic life.

"I travel to Asian countries to satisfy my thirst for spirituality and to better understand what is my life mission. Passionate writer, I share my journey on my blog Ray of Nath, and now on other plateforms with the intention of awakening this sparkle within us to dare to realize our dearest dreams."

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Passenger Nathalie Richard - @ray_of_nath

Passenger Nathalie Richard - @ray_of_nath

Passenger - Tammie Figlinski - @lostmydesk

Passenger - Tammie Figlinski - @lostmydesk

passenger - Tammie Figlinski

Meet Passenger Tammie Figlinski. She’s a Social Media Marketing & Advertising Specialist. Tammie’s passion for travel prompted her to create her own Remote Business that allows her to work and play from anywhere in the world.  If you’re looking for a way to escape the 9-5 office job and trade it in for your own business or to learn how to manage your own remote business, good news! Our Passenger teaches how to replicate her success through Lost My Desk

"To me, travel means a life with no boundaries. Freedom to live, work and play anywhere."

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