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This minivan wouldn't be completely without passengers and a lot of stories. These people are bloggers, photographers and travel lovers, packing everyday this minivan with extraordinary stories. Meet the passengers behind the stories.



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passenger alexander porter

Meet Passenger Alexander Porter. This awesome traveler has his own travel blog, Inked and Abroad: Life after Leukaemia, which follows his adventures around the globe looking for purpose and meaning. Born in Sydney, Australia he’s a travel writer with an insatiable urge to see the world. And if there’s a chance to get inked, then he’s all over that too.

"I’m a storyteller. A tattooed traveller and teller of tales."

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passenger - chelsea shell

Meet Passenger Chelsea Shell, a world traveling yoga instructor out to inspire others to grab life by the horns and get out there and live! Suffering from anxiety, and fear of venturing the globe alone, Chelsea was kept from living the nomadic life she so much craved, for far too long. But all that changed when she found yoga, a daily practice that literally changed the way she understands life, with a brand new mentality. She slowly started to heal herself, and began conquering her fears flow by flow, and trip by trip.

“I share my passion for the world, with the world through my teachings. My inspiration comes from immersing myself in the many different cultures, different landscapes, and different hearts I've been blessed to connect with along my way!”

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passenger - ryan devlin

Meet Passenger Ryan Devlin, who teaches multimedia in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In 2013 he was named “Pennsylvania Teacher of the Year” then in 2014 was honored by President Obama as a finalist for “National Teacher of the Year.” Ryan started his teaching career in his rural hometown of Brockway, PA then later taught 2nd grade in Australia. Other countries he has visited recently include Ireland, Thailand, and Guatemala.

“Many of my travels inspire lessons that I am able to teach my students. I have always been passionate about teaching topics related to global education because I believe it helps students have an appreciation for different cultures.”

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passenger - tina miles

Meet Passenger American-Swedish travel enthusiast, Tina Miles. She has lived and worked across 3 continents and has travelled to over 40 countries. She believes that travel and exploration is more than a hobby but can be a lifestyle, even if it’s not your day-job. Follow her journey and get inspired to start your next adventure on Instagram @tinas_travel_tales

"It's not just exploring and discovering new cities, countries or continents; it's knowledge and understanding. Traveling to new places opens your eyes to new cultures, customs religions and people-- something you could never get from a book or online. It allows you to learn so much just by being in a new place, which is why it is so exhilarating, and why I can't get enough of it."

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Passengers lindsay and alex

Meet Passengers Lindsay, 31 year old California broad and, her husband Alexis Ravenscroft, 27 year old foreigner from France. Together this power couple, known as Aforeigner.Abroad, are newlywed travel bloggers with a thirst for adventure, freedom, and endless fun. You can follow their journey at Aforeigner.Abroad as they take you through unforgettable experiences that will leave you awe-inspired and wanting more! 

"So we took a leap of faith and quit our jobs to pursue a wanderlust lifestyle, by traveling and documenting our experiences all over the world, and turning what was once a dream into a reality."

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passenger - Emanuele Giannini

Meet Passengers Emanuele Giannini and his wife Rossella Benedetto. These two film-makers live in Basilicata, Italy, and together they own the Studio EG. This lovely couple's passion is to tell stories with images, in particular "Emotional Short Movies" in cinematic style.

“Traveling for us means personal and cultural enrichment. We'll always bring it in our hearts and remember the atmospheres, the smells, the flavors, the people of magic places like these. “

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passenger - we the wild flowers

Meet Passengers Ariel, Ron, and their Siberian husky, Tarzan. They have lived in 8 cities in the past year since quitting 9-5 jobs for a life of slow travel. Their home on wheels is as comfortable on a mountaintop as it is in the city. Living minimally for travel has led them to embrace a more conscious lifestyle over all. In their travels, they collect stories on nomadic and sustainable living to normalize the lifestyle in society. You can find them working at local coffeehouses, wandering the streets, or searching for vegan eats.

“We travel not to sight see but to soul see. We started this journey to challenge ourselves, to uncover truths about who we are, what we want in life, and the role we play in this world.”

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Passengers - @wtwildflowers

Passengers - @wtwildflowers

Passenger - @malinakodakphotography

Passenger - @malinakodakphotography

Passenger Malina Weitkemper

Meet Passenger Malina Weitkemper, was born in Germany but moved to California when she was six years old. Moving at such a young age has inspired her to love to travel and explore the world. Being able to travel  has started her passion for photography. She has traveled most of Europe lots of places in the United States,Dominican Republic, Africa and Cuba. Not only does she have a love for traveling but she loves to be outdoors. 

"Travel to me means the freedom to explore yourself and thoughts while being submersed in a new environment. My passion of capturing moments with a lens helps me absorb the atmosphere of every place I go. All experiences that I take away from my travels I incorporate into my own life."

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Passenger - @legalbackpacker

And here we have once again Passenger Tariq El Tayara, barrister from London, England. This is Tariq's third memory with Minivan of Memories and we couldn't be happier to have him once again. Tariq is an awesome backpacker and he's launching his first backpack guide to the incredible Maldives. He's is offering to all Minivan of Memories' users an exclusive 20% discount. Just access his website Quit Pack Go’s Backpacker’s Shop use the code at the checkout: EARLYBIRD10

"Travel to me means freedom. It means a life without regrets, reading more than just a single page. I left my job in the UK, packed my gym gloves and and left everything behind to go and explore the world. "

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Passenger Nate Hake - @travellemming

Passenger Nate Hake - @travellemming

passenger - nate hake

Meet passenger Nate Hake, an American who has been to over 60 countries. Nate currently travels the world solo full time, writing about emerging destinations on his blog Travel Lemming. He loves to do things that are a little off the beaten path, like backpacking Myanmar or hiking Kyrgyzstan

"For me, the best thing about travel is seeing the world through the eyes of people are different from me. I truly believe that for all our differences, humanity is inherently similar - and inherently good," says Nate. "I love when travel helps bring people together."

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Passenger - Tammie Figlinski

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Passenger - Jamie Paddock


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Passenger Ana Gonzalez

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