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This minivan wouldn't be completely without passengers and a lot of stories. These people are bloggers, photographers and travel lovers, packing everyday this minivan with extraordinary stories. Meet the passengers behind the stories.


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Passenger - adriana karuza

Passenger - adriana karuza @kruzovi

Passenger - adriana karuza @kruzovi

Meet Passenger Adriana Karuza. She runs a travel website, with her husband Vedran, called Their passion to travel the world is connect to the will to show their beautiful daughter how incredible the world is. 

"For us, to travel is to live. It`s a chance to see a different cultures, a chance to try a different food, a chance to enjoy in life in some special way. It changes something in our minds, it changes us. Unfortunately, we can`t travel as much as we want to, but hey, there are always memories that we are making at our journeys, to keep us warm until our next flight to somewhere."

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Passenger Patrick Muntzinger - @german_backpacker

Passenger Patrick Muntzinger - @german_backpacker

passenger - patrick muntzinger 

Meet Passenger Patrick Muntzinger. He's a student from Germany, doing master studies in business. Patrick is always trying to travel as much as possible during semester breaks. He has traveled more than 40 countries in the last few years and he's sharing his travel photography on his Instagram page ( @german_backpacker).

"Traveling means exploring and discovering the diversity and beauty of the world. By taking a look in the newspaper, it’s easy to get the impression that the world would be a dangerous and bad place. Traveling showed me that people all over the globe are in 99% of the cases kind, friendly, and much more similar to each other than we would think. That’s why I encourage everyone to leave their comfort zone behind and discover this world out there!"

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passenger - leroy reed

Meet Passenger LeRoy Kalā Reed. From O'ahu, Hawaii, LeRoy love all kinds of sports, to be active and to travel. Together with his wife they I have been to 7 countries and are hungry for more! 

"A tip we have constantly received as newlyweds from friends and family is to travel now before the kids come. To that, we are living up to their expectations. I appreciate the beauty of the Earth and all that inhabit it. Live life to the fullest and enjoy everything that you set out to do!"

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Passenger - LeRoy Kala Reed @worldwidereeds

Passenger - LeRoy Kala Reed @worldwidereeds

Passenger - Di Michelle, @slight_north

Passenger - Di Michelle, @slight_north

passenger - di michelle

Meet Di Michelle, digital marketer and world traveler. Di spent two years teaching in the Middle East before I started her own business which allows her to work remotely and travel indefinitely. She created her blog to celebrate the nomad lifestyle, and to show the good (and the bad) of living out of a suitcase while I travelling. 

"To me, travel means the freedom to explore the world, open my mind, and live life to it's fullest. "

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passenger - raquel torres

Meet Passenger Raquel Torres, marketing student and young entrepreneur from Costa Rica. in 2017, Raquel starting blogging on her own website Un Viaje A La Vez, sharing her experiences about the many differnt cities she has visited around the world. If you're looking for tips and trip recommendations Un Viaje A La Vez could be all you need.

"I hope to encourage people, so they dare to take the passport, the suitcase and travel the world."

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Passenger Raquel Torres - @unviaje.alavez

Passenger Raquel Torres - @unviaje.alavez

Passenger - Daan and Karl - Couple of Men

Passenger - Daan and Karl - Couple of Men

Passenger - daan and karl

Meet Passengers Couple of Men, Daan and Karl. Together, they have visited more than 50 countries in over 5 continents. Traveling the world allow them to discover natural wonders, cultural highlights, and traditional cuisine. As openly gay travelers they believe it's important to support the gay community, focusing on gay rights, equality, and judgmental free minds. The gay couple travel bloggers Karl and Daan invite you to to travel the world like they do: open minded, respectful and with a happy heart.

"We think it is important to support the gay community worldwide. Our profession is to collect authentic and gay-friendly proofed travel info which we then love to share through written, visual and social media content."

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passenger - nathalie richard

Meet Passenger Nathalie Richard, also known as @ray_of_nath. In 2015, Nathalie decided to listen to her inner voice, loudly shouting that it was the right time to realize her dreams to leave Canada to go live abroad. She then moved to Bali (Indonesia), which became the center of her new nomadic life.

"I travel to Asian countries to satisfy my thirst for spirituality and to better understand what is my life mission. Passionate writer, I share my journey on my blog Ray of Nath, and now on other plateforms with the intention of awakening this sparkle within us to dare to realize our dearest dreams."

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Passenger Nathalie Richard - @ray_of_nath

Passenger Nathalie Richard - @ray_of_nath

Passenger - Tammie Figlinski - @lostmydesk

Passenger - Tammie Figlinski - @lostmydesk

passenger - Tammie Figlinski

Meet Passenger Tammie Figlinski. She’s a Social Media Marketing & Advertising Specialist. Tammie’s passion for travel prompted her to create her own Remote Business that allows her to work and play from anywhere in the world.  If you’re looking for a way to escape the 9-5 office job and trade it in for your own business or to learn how to manage your own remote business, good news! Our Passenger teaches how to replicate her success through Lost My Desk

"To me, travel means a life with no boundaries. Freedom to live, work and play anywhere."

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Passenger - @Sinasimon_

Meet Passenger Silvana Simon, a 22 years old optimist globetrotter, born and raised in Switzerland. She's traveling the world with the mission of finding beautiful places to get lost in it. Since very little Sina always loved to travel and being close to the sea. 

"My favorite destination I guess would be a place, where the sun is shining all day long, the noises of waves are surrounding me and where I could feel the sand between my toes every single day."

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Passenger Silvana Simon - @sinasimon_

Passenger - Ana Gonzalez - @ana.1212

Passenger - Ana Gonzalez - @ana.1212

Passenger - @ana.p1212 

Meet Passenger Ana Gonzalez, born in Lisbon she' s a veterinary surgeon and a wannabe photographer.  A few years ago Ana created how own a travel bucket list, and has committed to do tick all the countries she has picked. Ana have already been to India, Nepal, Costa Rica, Mexico, Norway, Tanzania, South Africa, Sry Lanka Maldives, Thailand, Kenya, Botswana, Brazil, Cuba, Sweden, Lapland, Turkey, Tunisia, Maurice, and all over Europe. Ana is a truly globetrotter.

"Travel means being able to see as much of the world as possible. Next Items on the List – Vietnam, Australia, Alaska, Peru, New Zealand, Amazonia, Iceland and Chile."

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passenger - @jamiechancephotos

Meet Passenger Jamie Paddock, 27 year old who currently spending most of his time in an office, working as a solicitor in England. In his spare time, Jamie devotes his energy taking impressive photos on his travel adventures.  On social media, you can find Jamie on Instagram at @jamiechancephotos, where he displays an impressive gallery. Jamie Paddock is our Dreamer Passenger of the week and you can check his memory at the link below.

“Travel means freedom, a way to explore new places and escape the current reality of 9 to 5 working hours. I find happiness in wandering for miles with my camera in hand capturing and making new memories.”

Connect with Jamie: Instagram

Passenger Jamie Paddock - @jamiechancephotos

passenger - @geordielens

Meet Passenger Andrew Clarey, landscape architect/heritage consultant and  photographer. Also known on Instagram as @geordielens, Andrew's obsession with old buildings granted him over 40k followers. His travels take him to  beautiful trekking expeditions and stunning natural scenery. 

"The world isn’t actually that big, and if you have the means you should experience as much as possible. Ultimately it makes you a better person and a happier person. You feel as though you have lived a full and meaningful life.."

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Passenger - @daphvk

Meet Passenger Daphne Van Kessel, dutch journalist, writer and professional wanderer and also known as @daphvk.  She's the Girlboss behind an online magazine about travelling, love and intimacy.

 "Why do I love travelling? Because you not only explore the world, but also yourself. It absolutely sets me free in so much ways. And I love the sun. Oh, how I love the sun.."

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Passenger - Daphne van Kessel @daphvk

Passenger - Spring McClurg @springmcclurg

Passenger - @springmcclurg

Meet Passenger Spring McClurg. Along with her husband @Pebbleshoo they run a beautiful website with their extraordinary hiking, camping, kayaking and skiing adventures. Their stories are fascinating and we're lucky to have them as our new Passengers.

"I am a wanderer, happy camper and lover of wild places. I hope that through my adventures and stories, others can draw inspiration for their own lives and explore life to the fullest."

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passenger - @explore_Travel_photo

Meet Passenger Sam Massey-Steel, @explore_travel_photo. Sam is currently studying photography at the university of Surrey in the UK. His biggest dream is to become a full time travel photographer, experiencing new places and capturing the most amazing images. At his website you can find his work from his travels to Nepal, Vietnam and Italy. Within the next few years Sam hope to visit many more places in Asia, Europe and Africa, living the life he always dreamed of.

"Travel is the entity that makes me feel most alive! Meeting new people, seeing new places, trying new food and experiencing the unfamiliar is what I feel gives my life meaning. I will spend my life pursuing and documenting the world with photographs''

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Passenger Rain Serpa - @globe.hopperz

Passenger Rain Serpa - @globe.hopperz

Passenger - Globe.hopperz

Meet Passengers Rain and Daniel Serpa are known on social media as @globle.hopperz. This Philippine/Portuguese couple work in hospitality, him as a wellness/fitness trainer her as Spa therapist. They live in Oman, a nation on the Arabian Peninsula and dedicate their spare time to explore the world with big travel dreams.

“We thought that we should start traveling as a couple before building a family. We both have reached that decision and started planning yearly big trips since 2013. We work the whole year and we travel to pay off our hard work. Travel has a great impact on our lives; it lightens up the trudging roads along the way of our life’s journey.”

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Passenger - @Elvirazgz

Elvira Floría is a 36 years old spanish bodybuilding who loves travel, healthy life, cats and horses, photography and fashion. Elvira shares all her passions on Instagram with incredible pictures of herself, her partner, lifestyle and beautiful destinations. Her portfolio is a work of art and you should definitely check it out.

"Travel allows you to make memories all over the world, collecting moments and learning about things that you could not otherwise discover."

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Passenger Elvira Floria, @elvirazgz

Passenger Elvira Floria, @elvirazgz

Passenger - Jake Ross @jr.whitewash

Passenger - Jake Ross @jr.whitewash

Passenger - @jr.whitewash

Meet Passenger Jake Ross. This 25 years old Australian photographer is a motivated writer, keen skater, surfer and motorbike rider. His passion for surfing led him to co found a surf brand where he design men's and women's fashion, run surf comps and build surf boards.

"I travel the world to experience the culture of the locals, to search the oceans most beautiful waves and to capture stories for anyone who will share them. I photograph surfers, waves and try to capture what most tourists don't, I venture into the strangest destinations from hiking in Africa to sailing southeast Asia, and I'm only at the beginning of my travels. To me, travel is the search of happiness."

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Passenger - @legalbackpacker

And here we have once again Passenger Tariq El Tayara, 32 years old, barrister from London, England. Tariq is an awesome backpacker and he's currently on a incredible adventure traveling around Southeast Asia (Jan, 2017). Tariq has a super cool and original blog where he writes about his travel journey discovering gyms all over the world. To learn more about his travels and his hunt for gyms, check it out the work he's doing at: Gyms of the World  (Instagram: @gymsoftheworldofficial)

"Travel to me means freedom. It means a life without regrets, reading more than just a single page. I left my job in the UK, packed my gym gloves and and left everything behind to go and explore the world. "

Connect with Tariq: Travel Instagram, Blog, Blog Instagram

Passengers - @legalbackpacker.png

Passenger - @be_namu

Passenger - @be_namu

Passenger - @be_namu

Meet Passenger Jinjoo Oak, also known on Instagram as @be_namu. This awesome korean girl is full of life and wild and free spirit. Her odyssey throughout in Vietnam in 2016 brought her the best memories ever and now she's on-board in this Minivan. 

"Travel means is a life journey. All the places I have been and the ones still to come flourish in me the feelings of: challenge, joy, learning, happiness, comfort or everything else needed in life. That's why I'll never stop exploring new adventures.

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Passenger - @rodrigossaur0

Meet Rodrigo Azevedo, brazilian journalist and stylist, also know as @rodrigossaur0. Rodrigo wasn't your average kid. All his childish tastes are still there: dinosaurs, milkshake and fries and the hodgepodge of pop culture references and nerdy things.

"The quality I’ve never lost while growing up I treasure the most has to be my curiosity. Both working in the fashion industry (as a stylist) and writing (as a journalist) have turned me into this insanely concerned, dare I say it, ridiculously obsessed person when it comes to images, storytelling and how I could/would picture and edit things. Fashion, art, science, tattoos and traveling inspire me deeply."

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Passenger - @rodrigossaur0

Passenger - @Notturno14

Passenger - @notturno14

Meet Passenger Simon Ng, also known as @notturno14, amateur photographer living in Melbourne, Australia. If you’d like to stay up to date with his travels, posts of photography, travel experiences and gear recommendations in your inbox, you can subscribe via his website. 

"My photography captures two passions of mine love for nature and culture. My partner and I are always on the go to a new destination to stock up on experiences and make memories. That's what travel means to me."

Connect with Simon at: InstagramWebsite and You can purchase his photos here.

Passenger - @bear.culture

Meet Passengers Bashie and Katie. This young couple (22/23 years old), from England, stamped their beautiful faces in our Valentine's Day Special, sharing their romantic trip to Venice. Bashie and Katie are always on the road looking for new adventures and you can follow their work at @bear.culture

"Travelling means creating lifelong unforgettable memories together."

Follow Bashie and Katie at: Instagram , Email - 

Passenger - @bear.culture

Passenger - Sarah Finlay

Passenger - Sarah Finlay

Meet Sarah Finlay, 34 years old, super talented Theatre Director, from Dublin, Ireland. Sarah is currently directing a production called Animalia by Ian Toner, and it's on at Bewley's Cafe Theatre, Dublin until February 18th, 2017. It's a dark and funny play about two 11 year girls and everything they go through - the awful, the brilliant and everything else! Click here for more information about tickets and times.

"Travel represents a real escape. I truly believe it’s vital to have your eyes opened by new cultures and new experiences as often as you possibly can! I work in theatre, so travel also means an opportunity to see work by companies and practitioners that you rarely get to see in Dublin – most of my travelling is to see a piece of theatre or dance I wouldn’t otherwise get to see."

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Passenger - @Yellowtravelbird

Meet Passenger Laura Muller, german girl most known as Yellowtravelbird. Laura is also and travel blogger and she displays all her adventurous at her website

"Travel means growing beyond yourself and expanding your horizon on a level that only traveling will provide. You will have to face so many challenges and really get to know yourself and learn so much about this wonderful world we live in."

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Passenger @YellowTravelBird

Passenger @BloomLillyPhotography

Passenger - @bloomlillyphotography

Meet Passenger Lillyanne Swhier, american girl, professional photographer and freshman in visual communications photography at Ivy Teach, Indianapolis.

"Travel is who I am. Finding a new place to explore and adventure, seeing through my lens is how I see the world. I like making my art my own, showing the world my perspective. That's what makes me happy"

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